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Costcutter Founder Graves Used Kitchen as Waiting Room for Suppliers

The soon-to-be new head of English cricket Colin Graves made his fortune as the founder of the Costcutter chain of convenience stores.
He set up the business in 1986 and initially had such small premises that he used his own kitchen as a waiting room for suppliers who were meeting him. Graves wasn’t put off by the size of his premises when he started because he had a strong vision of where he was going and that vision is what carries people along including suppliers!

For ‘Vision’ read ‘Message’ read ‘USP’ read ‘Idea’ It has to be unique and feel totally owned by you. Nobody ever became rich by doing the same as everyone else. You have to bring something different to the table that makes your business unique. It doesn’t matter what business you are in. It could be a mini cab business, accountancy, office cleaners, lawyers: all these businesses can be unique and earn a place in the market and if you do it right the skies the limit. Our job is to help you get there and we do this using a variety of tools.

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