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Is Organic SEO Still Worth it?

Red Wolf have been working in SEO since the beginning and have been through the Penguin and Panda penalty phase where Google sought to ‘Punish’ those companies that had gained ‘Unfair’ advantage through link building. During this period there was a massive effort to label SEO specialists such as ourselves as ‘Spammers’ when in actual fact we were simply exploiting the weaknesses of Google’s algorithm to the profit of our customers. Over this period many small businesses were able to compete with much larger national companies with TV budgets simply through SEO. Even local companies were able to gain a UK wide even global presence through the web for what were relatively small budgets.

In reality Google saw SEO specialists such as ourselves as competition to Pay Per Click. We were able to obtain better results than companies engaging with PPC for a fraction of the budget. Nobody was going to start paying higher rates for single keywords if there was an SEO company guaranteeing page 1 for a fraction of the budget for a range of keywords! So over time Google gradually changed the algorithm in their favour to maximise revenues, penalising those companies that had ‘Broken the rules’ prior. Hence the Penguin and Panda and various other small algorithm changes. So where does that leave us now? Is it possible still to achieve great results using organic search? Well fortunately it is. See our Local SEO Packages here if you are looking to promote your business locally. Here you will find our national SEO Packages think generally UK wide. Refer to our national SEO packages for London wide also.


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