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Your Website is Your Shop Window

The challenge for any web developer is to meet the clients expectations. However, at Sales Platter we endeavour to exceed our clients expectations, by presenting a design or idea that is better than their imaginations. A site that performs well and promotes their business. After all, your website is your shop window.

We don’t just meet expectations – we try and exceed them at every opportunity

Antony Gray

Very often clients come with an idea of how they think their website should look and perform. This viewpoint is usually based on competitor research and their existing website – if they have one. Whilst competitor research is valid and necessary it’ s important to look forward and not backwards. If your competitor site is more than two years old they may already be planning their next site. So you should be aiming to better anything around.

Web and technology changes so fast that often a three year-old website is already starting to look out of date a bit like a car. When it was nice and new it has a totally different feel to when it’s 3 years old even though it’s essentially the same car. The new models that are around effectively ‘Date’ your car.

Technology such as the changes in bandwidth capacity constantly redefine what can be shown on a website with video now featuring more frequently and dynamic design with a lot of movement. And finally – don’t even get us taking about Apps!!

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