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What is Responsive Web Design

In 2014 mobile views of websites actually overtook views by other medium such as PC’s or laptops. The convenience of mobile devices makes it possible to look at a website whilst travelling or even on the loo. You can now be connected to the digital world whether to catchup on the celebratory gossip, watch the latest blockbuster, or shop till our phone drops,(within reason); we like being able to do this anywhere, any time.

Statistically speaking what we call  ‘Mobile browsing’ now accounts for more than half of actual sales on the web. So if your website is not ‘Fully Responsive’ in its design you can be sure you are missing out! With many of us now choosing to do our Internet research or shopping using our phones it means that websites have to be able to ‘Respond’ to the differing dimensions and functionality of the device we are choosing to browse with. Responsive websites not only change dimensions but offer bespoke functions according to the device and its operating system.

Touch screen commands present another challenge. Take a look at the image above from Mobilus Design and you will see how even mobile phones differ in sizes and functionality and your website has to respond accordingly. Mobile devices present other challenges to the website builder as images not only resize and reshape depending on the dimensions of the browser window but also the orientation, landscape or portrait. The Responsive Web Design Dimensions image illustrates the various changes in the browsing experience depending on device. So it makes sense not to miss out and ensure that your potential customers are having an optimal browsing experience and update your website if you haven’t done so already.


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